About Stitch & Hammer Studio

The name says it all. Sharon makes anything that involves a hammer or thread. She grew up with creative people around her and interested in the arts. This creativity stayed with her into adulthood. Her favorite mediums to work with are leather and fabrics. Sharon makes almost everything in her studio in Minnesota, but she will sometimes offer items from other suppliers. She takes great pride in offering quality handmade products.
Sharon is a single mom, born and raised in Minnesota. Her pride and joy are her boys. She does work a full time job in sales, but she needed a creative outlet and opened her Etsy store. When she is not working or creating, she is enjoying life with her boys. You might also find her spoiling her 3 cats. Her cats are Gus, Max and Gary. You will see photos of them from time to time on her social media. They like to test all the new catnip toy designs she offers.

You might have been a customer of hers in the past. When she was married, her Etsy store was called Muninn and Huginn Workshop. After the divorce she rebranded her company to Stitch & Hammer Studio. Now it is a solely owned women's business.